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Will Stanley 

"Will Stanley will be remembered long after Jim Croce is forgotten....

And not until!"


Songs Written By Me

All songs below 2003--2019 Will Stanley

Recordings by Will Stanley and "The Isotopes"

Here's are 12 of my songs in the form of an album.  Click on the title to play an mp3 of the song.  Streaming of my songs is always free.  You can download any song you like by right clicking on it and choosing an option something like: "save link as." It will them be saved to your hard drive. Make sure you put it in a place where you can find it later...like the "Music" folder or the Desktop.

What We Need More Of

1. Cupid's Bow

2. Bonsai Man

3. Love (What We Need More Of)

4. Count On Me

5. Addicted

6. My BS Detector's Working Overtime

7. Inside Of You

8. Once Upon A Time

9. Ride The Train

10. Time Wounds All Heels

11. On Sunday

12. No One Stays Together Anymore

more songs

Last Month's song: The Truth For Now--Lyrics

When "truth" becomes temporary

This Month's song: Magical Thinking--Lyrics

With the suspension of the statute of limitations, a priest begs a victim not to turn him in



Addicted from Will Stanley on Vimeo.